Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Must Learn From

Are you using content marketing campaigns to attract more customers and audiences? A lot of businesses do and there are many who still feel that there is no need for it. Which category do you fall in? Regardless of what you have to say, you must check out some of the most impressive content marketing examples. 

I understand, there are a lot of myths surrounding digital campaigns. What’s scary is the fact that many of these campaigns are not successful. This isn’t because these strategies do not work the same way for everyone. However, it is because businesses often fail to create meaningful campaigns.

To better understand what am I talking about, let’s get straight to the examples already!

List of Some Impressive Content Marketing Examples

Well, there are many ways to put yourself out there and scream for higher conversions. Either you choose to look at what your customers want and create something or you create a need for your products. 

Thankfully, both of these things are possible. With the right marketing strategies, you can get what you want. Given that your products and services complement your campaigns.

Here are some of the impressive content marketing examples that prove the worth of these strategies. And, how companies can utilize these references to learn from them.

‘Share a Coke’ – A Content Marketing Campaign from Coke

Every marketer knows the importance of personalization. Sadly, not everyone uses it.

Coke used it to its advantage. Doing what no other beverage company was doing, Coke came up with its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. You must be knowing about it. The stunt went viral. 

Through its “Share A Coke” campaign, Coke allowed everyone to personalize their drinks. 

The campaign started in Australia and became popular in many other countries thereafter. 

So, what made the small gesture from the company allowing consumers to pick their names for the bottle so successful? Well, it was the personal touch of the brand. It was the power of personalization.

And, what could be most important to someone, if not their names? This is how Coke played its cards to become the talk of the town.

Lesson Learned – Personalization

SkinKraft Personalized Shampoo

These days, the cosmetics industries are trending, those who know how to pull the right strings. One such example is SkinKraft Laboratories. 

What do they do differently? They are also offering hair cleaning products to their customers. They sell online and they have a wonderful website with detailed information on their products. Like many other brands. 

So, what is the key to their recent growing success among consumers? Once again, PERSONALIZATION.

The company makes every customer of its go through a small questionnaire. Asking customers about their hair type, struggles they face, problems and what results are they looking for, SkinKraft showcases concern. 

Depending on the answers from users, they create personalized hair products, with the name of the customer on the bottle. Fascinating, isn’t it? Again hitting the personalization crux hard.

Lesson Learned – Personalization

Buffer – Social Media Tracking App

Have you heard of Buffer? If you are a social media specialist, you must have. The company offers a social media-tracking app. The app helps users schedule posts as well as track and analyse the growth of their social media account.

You might find a few apps doing the same job. But Buffer still resonates with the users more than any other similar business. 

Well, I am not talking about its product, but the way they are marketing its brand, hence the product. 

They have their own Open Blog. Here, the company posts about the tips that have helped them become successful. 

In other words, they offer transparency and seek to build trust among audiences. Not just telling you ‘what they do’, but they go steps beyond to tell you ‘how they do it’.

And, they do it with pure dedication. You can learn a lot from their posts.

Lesson Learned – Transparency and Trust

McDonald’s Using ‘The Question Time’

Who does not love McDonald’s? The cool logo of this brand is recognizable from long distances. 

Even with all the waiting customers’ queues, the company keeps coming up with content marketing ideas that leave everyone astonished. 

source: Tubular Insights

McDonald’s Canada came up with its new strategy for building relationships with its customers. They did it by taking up the challenge to answer all the questions of customers. So, if you want to know where they put their buns, go ask. 

Unsurprisingly, customers not just enjoyed being entertained for learning facts, but loved it. 

Lesson Learned – Honesty Goes a Long Way – Build Relationships based on Trust

Key Insights from the Impressive Content Marketing Examples

Those were just a handful of examples of what content marketing can accomplish. And, how to put these strategies to work for achieving expected results. 

Bluntly, the examples above explain how focusing on a few things can help companies create unrivalled marketing campaigns. 

All you have to do is, get these right:

  • Personalization
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Relationship Building with clients and customers

These are some of the basic things that you might hate ignoring. Even the big brands love to play around with these emotions, every now and then. 

So, why not you? These impressive content marketing examples would certainly lead your way!