Social Media Analytics Tools – A Comprehensive List

Not able to figure out what strategies for your social media marketing are worth the effort? A lot of businesses fail to make the most from these online platforms being unable to assess the success of their tactics in the first place. That is why social media analytics tools become very essential. So, which one should you pick?

There are a number of these applications, some hosted on the cloud and others offering desktop solutions. However, depending on your needs, you might want to try the one that suits your business goals. Therefore, I have curated a list of the best analytical tools that will do the math for you.

In this article, I will explain the benefits and limitations of each of the recommended tools. Check the features of these applications and choose the one that compliments your needs. 

So, let’s get started!

Best Social Media Analytics Tools 

Social media analytics tools are a must for businesses that wish to expand online. These solutions help prepare performance reports that one can easily share among teams, stakeholders, and the responsible parties.

This way, it becomes easy to keep an eye on the tactics that are working and the ones that aren’t. This is not it, there are many benefits of these tools. And you can only understand what these applications are capable of by starting to use them. 

If that rings some bells, here is a list of some of the most popular social media analytical tools you can rely on.

Hootsuite Analytics

social media analytics tools

Offering a professional paid plan for its users, Hootsuite Analytics does offer a free trial of 30 days. So, you can test the tool before deciding to pay for its services. Among the many wonderful features, the ‘Best Time to Publish tool’ is the most popular one.

This feature analyses the unique past social media data to recommend the time most suitable for publishing posts based on different goals such as impressions, clicks, or engagement.

Plus, you can customize the reports to include only those metrics that matter. It offers users reports on competitors’ success. Not to forget, you can also monitor your team’s productivity using this tool.

Biggest Advantage: You can gather the data and reports from all your social media accounts and organize them in one place. 

Note: This tool is best for businesses wanting to further their social media success. Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level professionals.



Not just a tool but a full package of amazing features for those wanting to push their business further through social media posts. 

It is possible to create five different kinds of reports using Brandwatch. Using the summary template, the tool provides a high-level view of your competitors and what people are talking about you online. 

You can also check what’s trending with reports focusing on specific topics or even hashtags. In addition, a different report template called reputation helps keep up with the sentiment trends of your online audience.

That is not it! With an influencer report, your business can identify the opportunities pertaining to influencer marketing. Finally, the tool offers a competitor comparison report to make the most from this tool.

Biggest Advantage: The tool enables the tracking of data from over 95 million sources. This comprises forums, blogs and more along with social media networks.

Note: Best for those wanting to keep an eye on brand engagement and monitoring. With a simple design, the tool fits beginner and intermediate users. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

How can someone not want to try something that comes for free? Well, Google Analytics is more than just a free tool though. A completely professional solution for businesses wanting to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Most likely, I am sure you must have heard about it unless you are far away from the digital marketing niche. Offering the easiest way to drive more traffic to websites, Google Analytics is really a valuable aid for businesses currently. 

Although it’s not particularly one of the social media analytical tools, it does offer you some great advantages alongside monitoring your website SEO score. You can set reports using this free tool to find out which social network gets you the highest traffic.

You can also keep an eye on the trending content, offering maximum leads to your business. Plus, the tool allows filtering of audiences based on the demographic data, calculation of ROI for the social media campaigns and more.

Biggest Advantage: A free tool providing you with a real-time score of the social media account in terms of traffic generated.

Note: Although anyone can use it, the tool is best for those operating a web-based business. With comprehensive and valuable features, easy to learn and apply, this tool suits users with all levels of expertise.

The Conclusion

If you believe in the power of social media marketing and the things it can uncover for you, you must use social media analytics tools. These solutions can help you create the best social media campaigns and stir positive sentiments among your target audience.