About Me


Here is a little about me – I am a full-time freelance content writer and love to share the experience I have gathered in these many years. After my baby was born in 2016, I decided to say goodbye to the office culture and go back to what I love doing, writing.

Things weren’t very easy in the beginning. Stumbling through freelance websites and private clients, made me realise that there are a lot of opportunities around. However, it’s not easy to cut through the competition.

And, the same problem bothered my clients too. That is when I decided to do things differently. I learnt about various digital marketing strategies and experimented those practices to help my clients achieve the success they desired.

While I had to learn the hard way, do you need to suffer too? That is why, I decided to put up a blog, explaining the best practices involved in digital marketing and the way you can boost up your website traffic through organic followers.

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