Create Amazing Whitepapers – Use These Simple Tips

Some find it really difficult to create amazing whitepapers. Well, it is true that drafting a whitepaper is a complex task. However, it could turn into an amazing way to define yourself as an expert in your niche. 

Although these papers are mostly technical with lots of statistics backing your claims, creating these is more of an art. From picking the right topic to getting into details, you need to plan everything out. 

To break it into simple terms, I have come up with some tips that will definitely help you create wonderful content for your whitepapers. But before that, let’s check out its definition and reasons for writing one.

What is a Whitepaper?

Typically, a whitepaper offers guidelines or in-depth detail about particular topics of your interest. It covers the possible problems surrounding the topic as well as the solutions. 

In short, a whitepaper educates its readers while providing solutions to resolve the issue at hand.

In terms of digital marketing, the need for whitepapers has been evolving. Written as long-form content, the format of these resembles that of an eBook. However, apart from the design, the two differ in content specifics. 

Whitepapers are highly technical and consist of in-depth knowledge of the topic. Usually, one must ensure to back the claims made through these papers with statistics and research. These could be tables, graphs and various other visual data.

Using an authoritative tone completely justifies white papers because of the detailed research one covers to put the content in place. Hence, these could become great aids for those looking to promote themselves as a thought leader.

Reasons to Write a Whitepaper

From the marketing perspective, whitepapers play a great role in showcasing your business as the top choice. Here are some of the perks businesses can reap if they know how to create amazing whitepapers.

Build Trust

White papers are proof of your expertise and knowledge in your niche. Therefore, it helps create trust among your users. Hence, you can stand out as one of the most reliable and experienced service providers or product companies in a specific domain. 

Often potential customers understand the worth of the valuable suggestions. If your whitepaper can help with the solution your audiences are searching for, it could really create trust in your organization. And they might soon look up to you for future needs as well.

Boost Your Business Sales

Creating your authority as a thought leader gives you an upper hand to boost sales for your products and services. Customers or clients do check whitepapers if you have one before they make their final decision to buy from you. 

Simply put, if you want to buy a Television, which brand would you trust. The one expert in the industry or the newcomers. That explains everything, isn’t it?

Generate Leads

Last but not the least, lead generation. You might find websites offering whitepapers in exchange for their personal information. All you need to do is input your details to access the content of the whitepaper.

According to a report, over three-fourths of those who participated in a survey wanted to exchange their personal details to access the whitepaper. And, the stats were higher than the infographics, podcasts, e-books and other marketing media.

Tips to Create Amazing Whitepapers

You must be feeling all excited to start your first whitepaper. However, wait a little more. Now that you know its benefits, you must also know how to create amazing whitepapers that are worth the effort. 

I have listed a few tips that will come in handy when writing your whitepaper. Here is what you can do:

Find the Right Topic

You might rush into wrapping the paper. But who are you writing for and whom do you want to impress? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you find the right topic. After all, you will invest time and effort in completing the paper. It must not go waste.

Tip: Choose a common problem that most of your audience face. 

Elaborate Clearly and Be Professional

Have you been reading blogs or other forms of content for most of your life? Well, whitepapers wouldn’t be similar at all. You cannot go wrong with the writing tone and style when drafting them. It must sound professional and authoritative. Plus, it must be descriptive.

Tip: Whitepapers aren’t blogs with one page. It can range from tens to hundreds of pages, depending on your problem and solution detail. 

Never Flop When Writing the Introduction

The start is always the most important part of the content. And, the same is true for whitepapers. Therefore, keep your introduction as captivating as possible. 

It must offer a glimpse of what problems you will be covering in your whitepaper with the list of solutions to entice readers into going into details.

Tips: A captivating introduction can get your readers stuck thinking about what the other part of the document contains.

Start With a Draft

Never go head first. In other words, do not haste. Prepare a draft to come up with the most relevant outline.

Tips: Ending up with a useless document can cost you leads. So, think and draft an outline of the whitepaper before filling in the information.

Always Proofread

Don’t you think proofreading is the best way to better your drafts? I think it too. You can also involve other people and ask for their suggestions and opinions. 

Tip: It’s never too late to better your whitepaper before you finish it.

Sell at the End

If you want to market your product or service, never do it in between the content while you are addressing a problem. Instead, mention it at the end. Also, include the sales pitch naturally at the end of the document while summarizing the details. 

Tip: Never try hard-sell techniques. Mention your product or service at the end of the document.

The Takeaway

Create amazing whitepapers by simply understanding what major challenges your audience are facing. Doing so will help you define the solutions pertaining to those problems. And, enable you to come up with topics that matter. Plus, do not forget to use the tips to perfect your content. Otherwise, you might fail to get the most from your efforts.