Carrd Review – All That You Need to Know

There are so many user-friendly website builders out there. So, what is it that makes Carrd so special? In this Carrd review, I would break down the benefit and limitations to make sure you expect exactly what it’s designed for. 

Starting with its simplicity, this solution takes ease to a completely new level. You do not need to waste hours just figuring out ways to create a page. Rather than being full of unnecessary features, the tool brings a minimalistic design to cover the major needs of users. 

That said, you might not find it a satisfactory choice when wanting to create a whole website. If you are an expert yourself with coding and development, you might find this builder a little unimpressive. On the brighter side, it can become a life saviour for users who are trying to learn about website building. 

Card Review – Pros and Cons

There are many perks that set Carrd apart from its competition. However, it may not be the best option for some.


  • Offers a very simple and easy interface to work with
  • The builder offers a free pass to those not needing too much of extensive features. In other words, you can create three simple one-page websites and connect those to one account without paying any penny
  • The websites created using this builder are mobile and tablet friendly. What’s fun is that you can manually adjust the look and design of your website for smart devices. 
  • Features a decent number of templates to choose from
  • Carrd subdomain is free of cost 


  • Not suitable for designing multiple pages websites. The functionality is limited to one-page only
  • The editing tools are limited too
  • If you are looking to create an online store website, you might want to look for other options. As this one does not include that function for its users 
  • Carrd does not allow blogging

Carrd Overview

It might strike to some why one would need a one-page website? Well, there are a lot of reasons for creating just one page. For instance, if you want to design a landing page to collect users’ information. 

Or, if you are a freelance photographer wanting to showcase your work online along with your contact details. In such cases, all you need is a page. And Carrd offers you that solution. 

Why would you want to pay hefty bucks to someone for designing the same thing for you? Instead, do it for free and do it yourself, ensuring you build it exactly you want in the first go itself.

This builder is not meant for those wanting to go all-in for developing a full-fledged website. Sorry to disappoint you, if I did, but that isn’t Carrd’s forte at all. 

With the major aim to allow completely novice users to get into website designing, Carrd came up with this amazing idea. And the builder reciprocates the vision perfectly.

Price and Plans

Apart from the free version, the website builder offers three paid plans to the users. Starting from $9 per year, users can choose the $49 per year membership to use all the features Carrd offers. 

Compare the plans to choose your membership option with Carrd. 

Carrd review - Price and Plans

Carrd Features

The features would vary a little depending on the membership plan you choose with Carrd. 


Most of the templates are available with the pro plan. With free membership, you might not get a lot of flexibility to select your website design. Even with the pro version, expect to choose from less than 100 options.

What’s more, is that the builder does not include templates categorized as per niches. Instead, the solution uses page format to define their templates. Such as landing pages, forms and more. 

Design Tools

Designing pages in Carrd is not an extensive experience as is the case with other builders. But that is what makes this website creator so unique. You don’t need to juggle with a variety of different tools. 

Just create a straightforward page with the most required sections. Plus, you can start with a plain sheet or edit one of the existing templates. The editor does have a feature that makes it possible to add new sections or containers to the page. 

Later, you can populate these containers with several elements. For instance, add images, texts, buttons, icons, galleries, links and much more. With the PRO plan, you get more choices of elements such as slideshows, widgets, forms and even the extra code.

Adding an Existing Domain

It is possible to align your existing domain with Carrd’s website design. However, the feature is available only with the Pro version. For free membership, the users can create a Carrd subdomain on the other hand. This involves no cost with the free package. 

Responsive Design

Users might think of Carrd as the very standard option. However, this is where it surprises everyone. Bringing the manual editor to plan the website looks for smart devices, Carrd allows users to edit the page for mobile and tablets with great ease.

Alternatively, one can choose to go with the automatic option to handle the design of your mobile site. This way, you do not have to worry about doing it all yourself. 

SEO Functionality

Carrd does offer a few ways to optimize the website’s SEO. Such as adding title and description or customizing meta tags along with the custom content editor in the website’s <head>. 

On the downside, users cannot add keywords or follow advanced SEO practices. 

Keeping that limitation aside, you can submit the sitemap created automatically by the builder to the search engines. Hence, helping users to index their pages. 

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, Carrd is a very impressive option for those who need a one-page portfolio, landing page, forms, and similar designs. The easy-to-use builder helps users with no coding experience to realize the benefit of an online presence. 

This Carrd review highlights the major features and limitations of the solution. To understand in detail what you can do with Carrd, how about you design your first page.