Write Compelling Copies Using These Tricks

If your copies aren’t compelling enough to encourage your readers to follow the call to action, you are making mistakes. Whatever you think of the content you just wrote, unless it isn’t creating sales, there is no use of it. Therefore, you must seek the best tips to write compelling copies. Otherwise, the efforts won’t pay you back.

I understand if you still have doubts about it. The good news is – with my experience and your motivation to become the top copywriter, nothing can stop you from getting there. Remember, before penning down your thoughts to create copies, you must ask questions to yourself. Would you be clicking on the ‘Buy’ button if you were the customer reading the message you just put up?

Well, that will explain a lot of things. And, the rest is explained below. Read about the most effective tips for creating copies that convert.

Learn and Research About Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? If you are selling digital marketing services, you won’t approach an accountant working in a bank. Rather, you would like to reach the marketing team of companies that may find your services relatable.

Identifying your target customers will allow you to learn about their problems. Hence, it will become easier to provide a solution that is identifiable.

If you are vouching for a sports shoe brand, looking for customers’ primary concerns such as discomfort, unbreathable fabric, etc would help you create content that will hit their emotions. Or else, you may keep targeting the secondary aspects of the product such as colours and style, leading nowhere.

In other words, you must look into your customers’ preferences such as shopping and spending habits, highly searched keywords and more. Using these details you create your buyers’ profile.

Once prepared, all you have to do is keep these points in mind before you write compelling copies that sell.

  • Providing perfect solution at the most desirable price point (definitely keeping your margins intact)
  • Take care of the words you choose, the writing must resonate with your readers’ feelings and pain points
  • Explaining the value your products will add to their lives
  • Encouraging them with the right message take action

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Have you ever come across an offer that says you have been exclusively selected for the discount based on your past purchases? It must have made you feel special!

This same theory applies to your customers too. If you can tag to the emotions of your readers, your chances to persuade them surges exponentially too.

Whether it’s the fear of losing the limited offer or excitement to become an exclusive member, emotions do work. It prompts your readers to take the next step, either it’s subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase.

Let’s understand this theory using an example:

Copy 1: “Our slimming tea can help you lose weight quickly”

example 1

Copy 2: “Loved by athletes and movie stars, our slimming tea not just let you lose weight, but keep the extra fat gone forever while tasting divine.” – Learn about the extra discount available for just the next few hours. The clock is ticking!

example 2

Did you just feel the difference? Suddenly the ‘Copy 2’ seemed a lot more appealing. Who doesn’t crave a body like athletes or movie stars? Plus, you did underline the pain point, the bland taste of most of the slimming teas.

Create the ‘WOW’ Factor

There have been a few brands that did it right from day one. Most of us have read about the story of ‘Nykaa’. The recent success of its IPO launch just made the brand even more successful and popular.

Nykaa, started in 2012, went to worth US $1.1 billion in 2020. And, after the closing of the IPO, the company was listed at $13 billion in 2021. This huge leap wasn’t just a night’s effort.

So, what was so special about this brand that left everyone asking for more. While everything was in place, the tagline of Nykaa did make some noisy sounds.

“Your Beauty, Our Passion”

A company promising to keep working for making beauty accessible to the rest of the world. Isn’t that something you too would like to spend for?

That said, when writing copies, you must find that ‘WOW’ factor that will make heads turn.

Creating a Feeling of ‘Losing Out’

You did a great job, looked for the right audience, their preferences, scored with their emotions. Now what?

Many times, the reader may slip away thinking the product is going nowhere. Therefore, creating a need for rushing for the purchase is very important.

Some of these messages may help you:

  • Limited time offer
  • The sale ends tomorrow!
  • Early birds offer
  • Miss out on it, never get it again

End with a CTA – Impossible to Ignore

Once everything is in place, and you know the customer is ready to take the next step, provide the exact roadmap to reach the destination. In other words, lead your target audience to the right action to avail the offer they just liked.

You don’t want to let the interested customer leave your website out of confusion. Therefore, the call to action (CTA) becomes very crucial at this stage. Plus, you must ask for what you have worked so hard.

However, it can get a little tricky at this part, formulating the CTA. You can use the standard CTAs such as “Buy Now” or “Click now”. But as per my experience so far, customers are more inclined to creativity. In other words, the more you experiment with what works for you, the faster you will get it right.

Try to make your CTA simple yet appealing. Be creative yet forthright. Precisely, you must dance to the tune of your customers.  

If your target customers are experimental and like to assess services and products in real-time, this CTA will better suit the context:

“Get your free trial, Starting Today”

On the contrary, for customers who seem curious and prefer to discover new things, the following CTA will do the job:

“Check how the Application Works”

In short, you must know your customers and their persona to better define the copies that entice them to take action.

The Takeaway – Write Compelling Copies

Do you think writing copies is a difficult task? It is, in a way, if you just want to finish off the word limits. However, those, who know the flow and the best practices to connect with the right audience, will know what to do.

The good news is: we all can create copies that work. Just a little push and some efforts in the right direction will work as fuel for the empty tank. So, keep refining what you know and see you again in my next blog.

And, do not forget to comment and post feedback. Would love to answer your concerns! Till then, keep honing your skills to write compelling copies.