Canva Review – The Only Graphic Design Tool You Need? 

Are you looking for an image editing tool and want to find out if Canva can be your best fit? Well, here is a detailed Canva review to help you make that choice. 

Find out if Canva can help you meet your graphic designing needs. And, if yes, should you go for the paid plan or stick to the free one.

I started working with Canva a few years back to edit images for blog posts and social media accounts. And soon, it became a part of my routine. With its amazing features and great user interface, anyone can fall in love with this tool. 

There definitely are a few recommended improvements. Despite that, Canva is a catch. Want to know how, let’s keep reading!

Canva Review – Pros and Cons

Canva Review - Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Canva.


  • Great for those who are from non-designer background
  • The free version is available to get you started right away
  • Wonderful resources, a vast library, easy to use editing tool makes it all a breeze
  • Let’s you integrate various apps
  • Brand kit available


  • No audio or video calling with collaboration
  • Limited capabilities with video editing
  • Requires you to connect with the internet

What is Canva?

Canva is an app for designing graphics. The tool helps users create fascinating visual media without much effort. Therefore, anyone without any prior experience in designing can use this app to get the job done. 

You can use this tool for creating images for social media posts, short videos, posters, brief presentations, and whatnot. Using the plethora of customizable templates along with the free images, users can get a lot more creative than otherwise. 

Whether you are a small business with a limited budget to hire a designer or a freelancer, doing everything on your own, this tool will help ease your workload. 

With its vast template options to choose from and a large image library, you can start right away. Or try the free workshops by Canva to know about the best practices. 

How Does Canva Work?

Available in a web version and as a downloadable app, Canva gives you the flexibility to work as you want. The downloadable app is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.

Essentially, there are three ways Canva help you to get started! 

First is its template, the pre-designed and uploaded layouts for various design aspects. 

Then comes the elements of Canva. These are the images, gifs, videos, and other media assets you can use to create your designs. 

Lastly, it’s Canva’s user-friendly editor. With drag-drop design, working with the editor is a breeze.

But this is not it! Those who love doing it themselves can create their custom templates and designs too. 

Who Can Use Canva – Is Canva for You?

To put it precisely, anyone and everyone can use Canva. However, the tool aims at helping those who either are a novice or wants to complete their design projects quickly. 

Hence, Canva is for small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and marketers. And, expecting very sophisticated designs from Canva like other professional tools such as Photoshop won’t be justified at all. 

But that’s the catch here. Canva is to help users avoid going through the steep learning curve and let users with no background in editing graphics create media files. Or else, there wouldn’t have been any need for such a platform after all. 

Canva Review – What Are Canva’s Best Features?

Canva comes packed with many features, some basic and a few excellent ones. Here is a glimpse of some of the wonderful features that are commonly used by designers. 

Brand Kit for Maintaining Consistency

As the name suggests, Canva gives you access to Brand kits. These are the set of guidelines for logos, color palettes or other assets of branding. Just note that this feature is not available with the free version.

Using Canva, you can preset a few parameters such as fonts, brand’s name and more to reuse with your designs. 

Happy to Collaborate!

This feature had to be there. In today’s time when most of us are working from home, online collaboration on projects has become a part and parcel of daily work. And Canva makes this possible.

Users can collaborate to work on the same file in real-time. The admin can provide the editing rights or just maintain the viewing rights, depending on the needs. 

With collaboration in place, Canva certainly can do better by introducing audio or video calling features when editing together. Currently, it does not even allow screen sharing.

Great Editing Tools

As discussed, the drag and drop editor makes choosing easy from the array of images and template library. In addition, it’s not just the images that you can design with Canva. But a lot of other things too. 

For instance, business cards, flyers, blog banners, posters and more. 

Wait! It’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can even animate images and share your designs directly to social media accounts. 

Canva Review - Editing Tools

In short – To know what it’s worth, you must use it first!

Integrate Apps with Canva

Canva helps you integrate with other apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. 

Apart from that, users can import images from Facebook, Bitmoji, Giphy, and various websites.

Plan Your Content with Canva

I personally love this feature. There are other content planner apps. But when combined with Canva, it becomes even more powerful. 

You can plan your entire calendar of social media posts with Canva. Click on the ‘+’ sign to either add a media file created in the past or create it right away. 

Which One I Must Choose – Canva Free, Pro or Enterprise Plan?

Canva offers three price plans for users. The plan starts with a free version. Then there are two paid plans. 

As you might expect, the free plan comes with limitations and does not require you to make any payment for the subscription. 

On the other hand, the Pro plan is $12.99 per month. In this plan, you can add up to five users to the account.  

Lastly, it’s the Enterprise plan that is $30 per user per month. To avail of this plan, you must register a minimum of 25 users.

There are two more plans designed specifically for nonprofit institutions as well as verified teachers. Although these are free but require submission of a form with proof.

When it comes to choosing between these plans, the use case is simple. Those with limited use of the tool can easily survive with the free plan. However, if you wish to use advanced tools such as brand kit and many other features, you must switch to the Pro plan. 

The Enterprise plan, however, is for companies with over 25 designers working on the platform.

To compare plans, visit here.

Canva Review – The Verdict

Undoubtedly, Canva is a very impressive tool for designers, especially those who want to complete the job faster. Created for users with no background in designing, Canva features an easy learning curve.

You must explore the app to know what it can accomplish. I hope this Canva Review nudge you to go straight to the app. 

Mailchimp Review – How Good It Is for You?

When thinking about email marketing, which is the first name that pops in your mind? Undeniably, Mailchimp, 9 out of 10 times. So, why is it that this email marketing solution is so popular among businesses? Read the complete Mailchimp review and decide for yourself. 

As a blogger, I have tried this software for some time. And it certainly has some wow factor to it. From free plans to amazing features, you can enjoy various perks when working with this marketing tool. However, not everything is rosy though.

So, without wasting much time, let’s find out how great is Mailchimp and why you should use it. Or simply the other way around. Let’s get started already!

Mailchimp Review – Pros and Cons

How about we take a quick look at the benefits and limitations of using Mailchimp? 


  • Offers amazing reporting features starting from geo-tracking to google analytics to more
  • Users can easily start with their free plan that allows access to many great features
  • With the free plan, you can send up to 10,000 emails and can have 2000 subscribers 
  • The software supports a wonderful editor with a user-friendly interface to make the job simpler for its users
  • Mailchimp keeps working on additional features to keep its users enticed 


  • The free plan has limitations. So, when you start to scale up with this software, the prices start to soar too.
  • Email scheduling isn’t available with the free plan


Mailchimp review

Mailchimp is popular for its feature-rich offering. The marketing software comes packed with plenty of valuable functionalities that help professionals up their game. 

Web Form Builder

As someone wanting to send bulk emails, you will need to have a subscriber list. And Mailchimp makes it easier for you by giving you access to its web form builder. You can embed forms on your websites to ask visitors to subscribe.

Although the template isn’t very enticing, it does the job well. What’s fun is that the form is easy to embed and integrate with your website. 

Multiple Campaign Options

You can choose between regular, automated, plain-text and A/B testing campaigns. All these campaigns are designed to keep marketers’ goals in mind. 

For instance, while regular campaigns help you create customized emails with a scheduling option, the A/B testing would allow you to send multiple versions of one campaign to see which one works best for you.

Landing Page Builder

Another important feature is MailChimp’s landing page builder.  It does not matter which Mailchimp version you use, the software enables you to create as many landing pages as you like. 

Precisely, you can create two kinds of landing pages using this tool. One for email lists and another for product promotion.

Email Builder

From templates to design options, you get to choose from an array of options. Either start working with the existing templates or customize those to your needs. The process is intuitive and easy to follow.

Basic Automation 

Yes, it’s true! Of all the limitations, this may feel like really pilling up with time. For starters, basic automation might not be a thing to worry about. However, as you grow, scaling becomes a challenge.

Setup Auto Response

If you want to stay quick in responding to your customers or new subscribers, this feature will come in handy. 

Reporting and Analysis

This is where Mailchimp comes back as a strong candidate. You get almost everything you will ever need as a marketer. From Google Analytics integration to social media and to whatnot. 

Quick Integration

Enjoy more than 800 integrations that Mailchimp supports. Whether you want eCommerce or website integrations, the software will help you make that possible. Recently, they have also introduced integration with Shopify. 

Should You Choose Mailchimp Newsletter Service?

Yes, if:

  • you require to integrate newsletter service with other solutions
  • An All-in-one solution is what you are looking for including a CRM
  • Wish to automate the service booking with online payment options
  • You want native commerce features in your email marketing tool

No, if:

  • You are engaged in affiliate marketing. Mailchimp restricts it.
  • You have a free version as it comes with limited features with no support option
  • You love complete email automation

The Conclusion

Users who use emails less frequently will find Mailchimp as their best resort. With basic features under a free plan, there is a lot one can accomplish. However, when it comes to high-end automation or email segmentation, the marketing software lags behind its competition. 

Hence, if you have already read this Mailchimp review, try out the free plan before deciding what it’s worth. You never know in what ways the tool can surprise you. After all, it boasts so many users around the globe. 

Joomla Review: Is This CMS For You?

In this Joomla Review, we will discuss the various aspects of this content management system to find out if it fits your needs. 

Working with Joomla is a completely unique experience. If you have used WordPress or Wix, you would easily realize the difference. A little less intuitive, Joomla continues to feel a little dated. 

On the brighter side though, the websites on this CMS are neat and clean. The question remains: Is this content management system (CMS) suitable for you?

So, let’s find out the answer already!

What is Joomla?

Joomla Review

Joomla is a content management system that is completely open source. Users can create dynamic websites along with powerful applications using this CMS. Alongside a feature-rich solution, it flaunts a user-friendly interface that enables users to make the most of it.

The CMS uses PHP as its core language along with MySQL database to offer robust website development solutions to the users. What’s interesting is that the CMS requires just a click for installation. 

On top of that, you can refer to various articles online to learn how to set up Joomla. In addition, Joomla boasts multiple hosting services, offering users flexible choices. 

Based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, the CMS processes requests after analyzing the URL. In other words, Joomla evaluates and decides between the components to process first and executes those, one by one.

Note: Content Management System (CMS) is a solution enabling the creation and management of digital content with ease. Simply put, users can create websites using CMS without involving themselves in the complex coding. 

Joomla Review – Pros and Cons

A free CMS for users, Joomla packs a variety of tools, extensions, and more to offer amazing flexibility when designing websites. Although difficult for beginners with its steep learning curve, the CMS is popular among all levels of users. 


  • The CMS is completely free to use 
  • Being popular and around for many years, Joomla has a huge community of supporters. Hence, it’s easy to find answers when starting to work out with this CMS
  • Customizable designs offer great flexibility to developers


  • The backend is complex, especially for beginners
  • Lack of direct one to one support from either phone or email. One must depend on the online knowledge base


I won’t exaggerate. Joomla comes with basic features with not much room for optimization. And the website templates are limited too. 

However, it sure boasts some of the exciting features that have helped keep developers’ interest intact in Joomla.

Free Extensions

Unlike WordPress which offers integrated support for plugins, Joomla works with extensions. The platform itself is very basic. Therefore, you must work with extensions to avail the benefits of extra features. 

Extensions allow you to enable reviews, SEO, and a lot of other features. What’s interesting is that these extensions are free to use. 

If you wish to use these extensions, you must download these manually. Later, upload these to a specific section on the platforms to make them available for your website. 

Alternatively, you can also design extensions as per your need. Thanks to the platform being open source.

Website Templates

Once again, there isn’t an official website from Joomla to download templates. However, there are many third-party websites that host hundreds of templates for Joomla. 

Just note that on Joomla, you can use different templates for different pages. Hence, one website can use multiple templates. Well, this feature is not available with the most popular WordPress as well. 

Built-In SEO (Search engine optimization)

There is no point in having a website or an e-commerce site that does not rank on the first page of Google. 

Thankfully, Joomla has built-in SEO that packs powerful tools to get you what you need. From SEO-friendly URLs to menu items with their meta description, title tags, keywords and much more, Joomla is a complete package.

Multi-Users Platform

Joomla is a very robust CMS offering multiple users’ functionalities. You can add permission settings that might or might not differ for every user, depending on your need. 

In other words, users on Joomla can enjoy full access or can be limited to a few editing permissions. With easy to manage user list, you can simply delete those that are not in use. 


The most interesting deal with Joomla is that it is completely open-source. This means you do not have to pay for anything. You own your website and manage it as you like. 

From modification to adding extensions, you can do anything without worrying about expensive licenses or fees.

The Conclusion

Frankly speaking, working with Joomla was neither too great nor too bad. The experience was rather mixed. 

With no-cost benefits, the platform comes with its own set of challenges. Lacking simple customization and a complex dashboard could make it too intimidating at some points. 

Especially when there are so many options in today’s time. Back in 2001, Joomla did not have much competition. But things change. However, Joomla sticks to the old ways yet. 

For instance, lack of navigation makes it frustrating to circle back to where we started every time. The complexity makes this CMS time consuming to deal with.

Surprisingly, it still is one of the most popular solutions out there for building websites. So, if you are interested in learning about this CMS, just go for it. It won’t cost you any penny, just the extra time and effort.

Carrd Review – All That You Need to Know

There are so many user-friendly website builders out there. So, what is it that makes Carrd so special? In this Carrd review, I would break down the benefit and limitations to make sure you expect exactly what it’s designed for. 

Starting with its simplicity, this solution takes ease to a completely new level. You do not need to waste hours just figuring out ways to create a page. Rather than being full of unnecessary features, the tool brings a minimalistic design to cover the major needs of users. 

That said, you might not find it a satisfactory choice when wanting to create a whole website. If you are an expert yourself with coding and development, you might find this builder a little unimpressive. On the brighter side, it can become a life saviour for users who are trying to learn about website building. 

Card Review – Pros and Cons

There are many perks that set Carrd apart from its competition. However, it may not be the best option for some.


  • Offers a very simple and easy interface to work with
  • The builder offers a free pass to those not needing too much of extensive features. In other words, you can create three simple one-page websites and connect those to one account without paying any penny
  • The websites created using this builder are mobile and tablet friendly. What’s fun is that you can manually adjust the look and design of your website for smart devices. 
  • Features a decent number of templates to choose from
  • Carrd subdomain is free of cost 


  • Not suitable for designing multiple pages websites. The functionality is limited to one-page only
  • The editing tools are limited too
  • If you are looking to create an online store website, you might want to look for other options. As this one does not include that function for its users 
  • Carrd does not allow blogging

Carrd Overview

It might strike to some why one would need a one-page website? Well, there are a lot of reasons for creating just one page. For instance, if you want to design a landing page to collect users’ information. 

Or, if you are a freelance photographer wanting to showcase your work online along with your contact details. In such cases, all you need is a page. And Carrd offers you that solution. 

Why would you want to pay hefty bucks to someone for designing the same thing for you? Instead, do it for free and do it yourself, ensuring you build it exactly you want in the first go itself.

This builder is not meant for those wanting to go all-in for developing a full-fledged website. Sorry to disappoint you, if I did, but that isn’t Carrd’s forte at all. 

With the major aim to allow completely novice users to get into website designing, Carrd came up with this amazing idea. And the builder reciprocates the vision perfectly.

Price and Plans

Apart from the free version, the website builder offers three paid plans to the users. Starting from $9 per year, users can choose the $49 per year membership to use all the features Carrd offers. 

Compare the plans to choose your membership option with Carrd. 

Carrd review - Price and Plans

Carrd Features

The features would vary a little depending on the membership plan you choose with Carrd. 


Most of the templates are available with the pro plan. With free membership, you might not get a lot of flexibility to select your website design. Even with the pro version, expect to choose from less than 100 options.

What’s more, is that the builder does not include templates categorized as per niches. Instead, the solution uses page format to define their templates. Such as landing pages, forms and more. 

Design Tools

Designing pages in Carrd is not an extensive experience as is the case with other builders. But that is what makes this website creator so unique. You don’t need to juggle with a variety of different tools. 

Just create a straightforward page with the most required sections. Plus, you can start with a plain sheet or edit one of the existing templates. The editor does have a feature that makes it possible to add new sections or containers to the page. 

Later, you can populate these containers with several elements. For instance, add images, texts, buttons, icons, galleries, links and much more. With the PRO plan, you get more choices of elements such as slideshows, widgets, forms and even the extra code.

Adding an Existing Domain

It is possible to align your existing domain with Carrd’s website design. However, the feature is available only with the Pro version. For free membership, the users can create a Carrd subdomain on the other hand. This involves no cost with the free package. 

Responsive Design

Users might think of Carrd as the very standard option. However, this is where it surprises everyone. Bringing the manual editor to plan the website looks for smart devices, Carrd allows users to edit the page for mobile and tablets with great ease.

Alternatively, one can choose to go with the automatic option to handle the design of your mobile site. This way, you do not have to worry about doing it all yourself. 

SEO Functionality

Carrd does offer a few ways to optimize the website’s SEO. Such as adding title and description or customizing meta tags along with the custom content editor in the website’s <head>. 

On the downside, users cannot add keywords or follow advanced SEO practices. 

Keeping that limitation aside, you can submit the sitemap created automatically by the builder to the search engines. Hence, helping users to index their pages. 

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, Carrd is a very impressive option for those who need a one-page portfolio, landing page, forms, and similar designs. The easy-to-use builder helps users with no coding experience to realize the benefit of an online presence. 

This Carrd review highlights the major features and limitations of the solution. To understand in detail what you can do with Carrd, how about you design your first page.

HubSpot Review – Should You Use It or Ditch It?

Managing business operations is a messy job. Juggling between sales, delivery, retention, and whatnot, managing data keeps us on our toes. That is why HubSpot CRM aims to ease that part and prepare teams to invest time in tasks that matter the most. So, here I am with my HubSpot review, trying to highlight the good and the bad that come along with this app. 

The CRM, designed for a small team of 5 to 1000s sales professionals, comes with various perks. And, what’s most interesting is its free subscription plan that lasts forever. Yep, you have heard it right! 

But that is not all, the app brings the latest and advanced features while staying as simple as possible. Well, the company does understand that not all employees come from a technical background. Just handle all your information in one place, rather than finding a needle in the stack of hay. It is easy to resonate with that feeling when finding details of one client can take you through inboxes, contacts, excels and so on.

And before you jump to conclusions, however interesting the app seems, it is always wise to do look a little closer. That brings us to our detailed review. So, get on with the information and choose what fits best for your business.

HubSpot Review – Pros and Cons

Without beating around the bush, let’s check the good and bad. 


  • A free plan that is too stubborn to go away
  • Extensive insights such as automated lead generation
  • User-friendly interface suitable for almost anyone
  • Some features are completely customizable
  • More than 300 choices of integration with third-party apps


  • The premium plan is expensive
  • Phone support comes for an additional cost with the free plan

HubSpot – A Comprehensive Overview

Being best for several reasons, HubSpot main attraction is its match with different sizes of business. That said whether you are a mid-sized business or someone starting a few months back, the CRM could fit an array of different goals.

In short, it is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses using the powerful and lightweight tool. Plus, the free plan is the icing on the cake. 

Unlike many other CRM’s whose free membership offers peanut to the users, this one really justifies its brand. A full-fledged platform offering lead management, HubSpot adds much more features for the free users. 

For instance, marketing, sales, along customer service tools complete the entirely free plan. How can you miss the comprehensive dashboard reporting, extensive pipeline management, and more? 

One of the downsides is the unavailability of phone support for the free membership plan. Or, for that matter, in-app chat as well. Looking at the brighter side, you can integrate the CRM with multiple popular third-party apps. 

If anytime you wish to upgrade, it takes no time to switch to an even more powerful CRM experience. Just make the payment and you are through. HubSpot splits its platform across five different hubs. 

So, you can choose between:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • CMS
  • Operations.
Hubspot Review – Different Hubs

All these choices come with three subscription plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The company also allows you to mix elements of the different Hubs to customize your own CRM Suite bundle. 

The question is: Would you choose HubSpot over other cheaper CRMs? Or would you like to stay with this solution?

HubSpot Features

You cannot go wrong when selecting the CRM that will host all your data in one place. Therefore, it is imperative to check the features this platform provides. 

Free Subscription Plan

Well, CRM happens to be the centre of attraction of the various Hubs available with HubSpot. And, what’s interesting is that it is free to use. The membership allows users to track contacts, plan their sales activities, manage prospects and leads and deal with a lot of tasks in one place.

Team collaboration is so essential for the smooth growth of businesses. This CRM enables you to achieve that with ease.

Create Effective Landing Pages

While there are plenty of different templates to choose from, one can opt to design a landing page from scratch. Using the drag and drop functionality, users can make impressive designs in no time. 

Create Distinguished Lists

Only marketing professionals know the importance of an organized list of contacts. Hence, HubSpot leaves no space for compromises when offering list segmentation. You can separate contacts in your database based on criteria. 

Simply group the contacts according to your preferences such as page views, interaction status and more. You can also group individuals for assigning responsibilities such as sending emails, cold calling etc.

Customized Emails

Personalization is the key to winning customers over. And HubSpot makes it a point to provide companies with perfect email campaign planning every time. 

Forget about private emails, HubSpot allows personalization for even bulk emails. Users can add call-to-action, links, media files and more. Once again, you can choose a template or use drag and drop tools to create one as desired. 

Track Success of Paid Ads

Using this CRM, users can keep a constant eye on the success of their LinkedIn, Google as well as Facebook ads. Your social media interactions records can be accessed at any time using HubSpot.  

Dashboard Reporting

Reporting is an integral part of marketing. Without proper reporting, it is impossible to get the best from the efforts put to make campaigns successful. 

This is why HubSpot provides an exceptional reporting dashboard making real-time reporting a breeze. 

You can review as well as analyze your every day’s, week’s, month’s as well as year’s summary easily. Keeping this information at your fingertips could change the way you process marketing operations for good.

Manage Calendar

You can sync your calendar with HubSpot to create meeting links and book appointments with ease. 

The Takeaway

HubSpot is a very extensive platform offering a plethora of amazing features in one place. From free membership plans to CRM bundles, the platform offers flexible pricing to its users. The paid plans are a little expensive when compared to other choices. But the CRM justifies the difference with added advantages.

If you are looking to streamline your marketing routines, you must read this HubSpot review. I am sure you will get the insights to make the right decision.