5 Social Media Management Tools for Creators

Did you think that managing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms is all fun? I won’t disagree, but only if you have the right set of social media management tools to keep you ahead of the curve.

Those long lists of never-ending chores, starting from creating to editing to publishing to engaging and much more. The job is harder than it looks. Therefore, being a creator can something feel daunting. 

But thanks to the various tools that focus on doing most of the heavy lifting while leaving you at your best game – creative thinking. 

Whatever you plan, these tools just make it simpler to execute. What’s more? You can also analyze how your posts are doing out there. Are they performing or just sitting idle with no engagement?

For closer understanding, let’s talk a little about these tools before moving to the recommendations.

What Are Social Media Management Tools?

social media management tools

How often do you miss publishing the post you planned beforehand? Or does it feel too overwhelming to stay consistent with your post publishing?

For starters, social media management tools offer easy-to-schedule features. That way, you can plan your post and let it go live as intended. 

No fuss, no going crazy around deadlines! 

And much more….

  • You can create posts with design elements
  • Plan and schedule posts in advance. You can get your weeks, months and even year’s calendar ready
  • Monitor your posts and analyze their performance
  • Engage with your audience to grow your reach 
  • Collaborate with teams on posts to ensure that everyone from your creative team is on the same page

In short, you can simplify the entire workflow of how you manage multiple social media accounts.

What Are the Best Social Media Management Tools

I understand, you might want to know how these tools work before spending on them. 

Therefore, I have curated some wonderful social media management tools that provide free trials. And a few also offer free plans for a lifetime. 

Remember, free plans come with restrictions. Hence, you must choose from the paid plans to utilize the complete benefit of these tools.


This one does not need any introduction. Almost every social media creator knows about this tool. 

With its free plan, Hootsuite allows you to add two social media accounts. And you can create and schedule posts from these accounts.

However, for paid members, there are other benefits too. The tool has almost everything you would need for managing social media accounts. Planning, scheduling, analysis and more, Hootsuite provide access to amazing features through one dashboard.


This one comes with no strings attached.

Offering a forever free plan, Buffer lets users take advantage of their basic features for life. As expected, you are still limited to planning and scheduling. 

But they do have some great perks with free plans. You get to add up to 3 social accounts with a limit on scheduling 10 posts for every channel at once. However, there is no restriction on the number of posts scheduled in a month or a year.

If you plan to get a paid membership, the benefits increase manifold. Apart from access to more accounts, you can visualize engagement, reach and other important metrics too.

Plus, you can integrate over 30 other third-party apps with Buffer. Such as Feedly, Pocket, and more.


Creators rely on visual content, especially videos. With that said, there is no way I was going to miss Wistia.

This is the best tool for video content. Plus, it is free to use. 

With its customizable player, users can create wonderful videos, add links to them and do more. 

After the video is ready, all you need to do is, embed it on social media accounts directly from the platform. You can even share it on your website and through emails. 

For greater ease, it allows collaboration among team members with no limits on the number of users.

Sprout Social

Right on the first fold of their website, you would find the free trial option. 

Sprout Social is one of my favorites with an all-in-one solution for creators handling various accounts. That said, businesses, irrespective of size can make use of this tool without any trouble.

One dashboard for everything you need. You can easily integrate with different platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. 

There is more. It helps you manage reviews from sources like Google My Business. Plus, it is also suitable for eCommerce businesses letting them create shoppable posts Shopify catalogs and more.

It has the ViralPost feature that ensures you get maximum reach by posting at the right time.


A social media management tool that allows users to collaborate together on social media posts. Users can approve, publish and schedule posts while also enjoying the colour-code feature for better visualization of the entire calendar.

In addition, NapoleonCat is also a great tool for eCommerce businesses. It helps users post product updates across different profiles and manage customer queries along with reviews. What’s best is that it tracks your performance and results.

It does offer a free trial plan. So, you can easily get to know the platform better before spending on paid plans. 

The Conclusion

Undoubtedly, social media management tools have become irresistible for creators. 

The ease and results these add to the entire process, make them an integral part of the social media management workflow.

What’s interesting is that you can easily mull over the options before making the final decision. After all, free trials are worth a lot. 

So, these were a few social media management tools to minimize your efforts and maximize your efficiency. And depending on your ease and need, you can plan to start your paid membership.