Ways to Repurpose Content for Blogs, Social Media and YouTube

Do you know there are many ways to repurpose content? Yes, you can actually use your old blogs, videos and every social media post with a twist to create fresh content. This not only saves time but lets you focus on other important things too. 

I understand! Content is the key to success for businesses. However, it’s just a small part of the many things you are responsible for. Such as planning strategies for scaling your company, upgrading your products and much more. 

Let alone, you do need time for yourself. Hence, why not repurpose content if the data and insights are relevant, although written in the past? 

With that in mind, let us figure out the ways to repurpose content for various media. I will also introduce a few applications and solutions that could really ease your task manifold. So, stay tuned!

What is Content Repurposing?

It goes by its name – content repurposing. Simply put, it’s the process of bringing new life out of the old written piece no one cares about anymore. 

If that’s dramatic, I haven’t even started yet! There are many benefits of this marketing strategy. And you can master this art without spending tons of money on an online course. 

Use the already existing content to create something fresh and catchy. For instance, if you have a blog post, why not extract some key pointers and list those in a tweet while also referring to the link to your blog. 

Or, get a screenshot of the pros and cons of the blog and post it on your social media account. It’s all about how creative you can get while not falling prey to plagiarism. 

Why is Content Repurposing in Such a Hype? – Perks Explained!

Content writers spend hours researching a topic. From outline creation to putting words together to finding high authority sources to link to. There isn’t just one job to write a blog. 

And all that effort has a lifespan of a few days or a week. That is unfair. Repurposing content is what can help extend the lifeline of the written content.

What’s fascinating is that the perks do not end here. You can do a lot more. The opportunities are endless if you dare to look through the usual trends. 

Content repurposing helps:

  • Reach more people than you connected with earlier
  • By changing the format, let’s say from a blog to a social media post, you can reach a wider audience base
  • Get more time to spend on your major business goals
  • Reduce the workload of your digital marketing expert and limit the team size to enhance ROI
  • Written once, the content can be repurposed for different channels

All these benefits come along with the leisure time you get to spend with your loved ones on a beach. 

But before you proceed to make new content formats out of old versions, ask yourself:

Can I Repurpose Every Content Out There?”

Not sure, let’s find out!

What to Consider Before Repurposing Your Content?

First thing first, you must assess your goals for repurposing content. It is important to visualize which content is doing well and at which stage of a funnel.

  • Do you want to increase your brand awareness? 
  • Are you looking to attract more leads to your website?
  • Looking forward to more sales closures?

When you know what you want in terms of results, it becomes easy to pick the right content. 

There are a few things you must also look at before choosing a content to repurpose:

  • Is the content evergreen? – Repurposing a Black Friday sales post on a usual day might put you off track
  • Picking the right social media channel for the repurposed content – For instance, a B2B post will be more suitable for LinkedIn rather than Snapchat or Instagram.
  • Repurpose seasonal content during the apt times

If you already have everything in place, we can proceed to the ways to repurpose content. Trust me, there are quite a few wonderful tactics to use the same content over and over again, without sounding boring.

What Are the Ways to Repurpose Content for Different Content Styles?

As discussed, there are many ways to do it. And, for different formats of content, you can find different repurposing solutions.

How to Repurpose Content for Social Media?

Take Screenshots

A Tweet I repurposed for LinkedIn Post by converting it into a screenshot

What if I say you can turn your tweets into LinkedIn posts? That too, without changing it at all. 

You have heard it right! I am not asking you to copy and paste, but you still can do it.

If your tweet is getting huge traction, it is time to reach more audiences that might like it too.

Deciding to change the format or language might disrupt the beauty of your message. So, you can simply take a screenshot of your tweet and post it as an image on your LinkedIn account. 

Just make sure that the screenshots are high quality and the texts are visible. There are many amazing tools that can help you create wonderful screenshots.

And you can use this trick for different social media accounts. 

Tool Tip: Twinsta is one such tool that helps you turn your tweets into Instagram posts. It’s completely free and also lets you schedule the posts. 

Create Quotes

Social media posts attracting too many views or comments might help you get even more from them. 

If you can, repurpose the posts into quotes. Use media editing tools to perfect the design. There are many online tools that come in handy for beginners with no prior experience with Photoshop.

Tool Tip: Canva can help you create wonderful infographics. Create memes, quotes or images as you like. Apart from the paid membership, the application also has a free version that works just fine for such tuning. 

How to Repurpose Blog Content?

Join Quora

Quora is one of the most popular question-and-answer platforms out there. People post questions from almost every industry and field. 

This gives us the opportunity to use the pointers from our related blogs to answer the question. Plus, adding the link to our blog for further reading would get us more viewers. 

Agree? Let’s go further!

Mix and Match to Create eBook

Have you been writing on a particular topic for a while now? Do you think when combined together the content is worth something?

If the answer to these questions is a ‘YES’, you have found one of the best ways to repurpose content. And, it’s never going to get older.

You can use the eBook to get leads from your website. Ask users to download a free eBook for their contact details in return. Or, add a price tag for the eBook. 

Whatever works for you, it’s fine. As long as you are meeting your goals, you can continue what you like.

Make a Video

Canva Review – The Only Graphic Design Tool You Need? 

Sharing your blog links on social media platforms isn’t something new. A lot of people do it. But most of us do not do it right. 

We either just share links or let WordPress do that for us. Yes, WordPress does have a feature of automatic sharing on social media accounts while publishing the post. 

But these won’t unless you add a twist to the process. Recently I came across a short video creation tool (mentioned a little ahead). It helps turn a few lines of your blog posts into a short video.

How about you share the video on your social media accounts with the blog link for further information.

After all, images and videos are more powerful ways to attract the attention of viewers. So, why not put them to action when it’s easy as a breeze. 

Tool Tip: Lumen5 is an AI-powered video editing tool that helps convert blogs into short videos. They have free as well as paid versions.

Showcase Your Stats

Isn’t statistics content too? Well, let me put it in the other way. You must have seen people posting statistics on social media accounts. 

If that counts for content, why not your blog’s stats. Use the statistics from your popular blogs to post on social media accounts. Do not forget to add links to your blog.

Tool Tip: Google Analytics will help pull the records of the performance of the blog. You can use that stat to flaunt your authority and boost the traffic to your website.

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos?

Trim the Video

YouTube allow us to upload long-length videos. However, when creating an Instagram story or a Facebook story, the minutes are limited. 

Hence, you can trim your videos to fit the content with the requirements of other platforms. Use the watch more link to redirect users to your YouTube Video.

Get Snippets

If you have learnt it for the blogs, you can do it for the YouTube Videos as well. Get some points out of the long video and post it on social media accounts. There are many repurposing content examples that prove the worth of these small efforts. 

The Conclusion

Do not stop just here! These are just a few ways to repurpose content. If you can think of more ways, go ahead. The sky is the limit. For instance, use blog post content to create podcasts. Or, use how to guide blogs to create infographics for Twitter or LinkedIn. Just do it!