Mailchimp Review – How Good It Is for You?

When thinking about email marketing, which is the first name that pops in your mind? Undeniably, Mailchimp, 9 out of 10 times. So, why is it that this email marketing solution is so popular among businesses? Read the complete Mailchimp review and decide for yourself. 

As a blogger, I have tried this software for some time. And it certainly has some wow factor to it. From free plans to amazing features, you can enjoy various perks when working with this marketing tool. However, not everything is rosy though.

So, without wasting much time, let’s find out how great is Mailchimp and why you should use it. Or simply the other way around. Let’s get started already!

Mailchimp Review – Pros and Cons

How about we take a quick look at the benefits and limitations of using Mailchimp? 


  • Offers amazing reporting features starting from geo-tracking to google analytics to more
  • Users can easily start with their free plan that allows access to many great features
  • With the free plan, you can send up to 10,000 emails and can have 2000 subscribers 
  • The software supports a wonderful editor with a user-friendly interface to make the job simpler for its users
  • Mailchimp keeps working on additional features to keep its users enticed 


  • The free plan has limitations. So, when you start to scale up with this software, the prices start to soar too.
  • Email scheduling isn’t available with the free plan


Mailchimp review

Mailchimp is popular for its feature-rich offering. The marketing software comes packed with plenty of valuable functionalities that help professionals up their game. 

Web Form Builder

As someone wanting to send bulk emails, you will need to have a subscriber list. And Mailchimp makes it easier for you by giving you access to its web form builder. You can embed forms on your websites to ask visitors to subscribe.

Although the template isn’t very enticing, it does the job well. What’s fun is that the form is easy to embed and integrate with your website. 

Multiple Campaign Options

You can choose between regular, automated, plain-text and A/B testing campaigns. All these campaigns are designed to keep marketers’ goals in mind. 

For instance, while regular campaigns help you create customized emails with a scheduling option, the A/B testing would allow you to send multiple versions of one campaign to see which one works best for you.

Landing Page Builder

Another important feature is MailChimp’s landing page builder.  It does not matter which Mailchimp version you use, the software enables you to create as many landing pages as you like. 

Precisely, you can create two kinds of landing pages using this tool. One for email lists and another for product promotion.

Email Builder

From templates to design options, you get to choose from an array of options. Either start working with the existing templates or customize those to your needs. The process is intuitive and easy to follow.

Basic Automation 

Yes, it’s true! Of all the limitations, this may feel like really pilling up with time. For starters, basic automation might not be a thing to worry about. However, as you grow, scaling becomes a challenge.

Setup Auto Response

If you want to stay quick in responding to your customers or new subscribers, this feature will come in handy. 

Reporting and Analysis

This is where Mailchimp comes back as a strong candidate. You get almost everything you will ever need as a marketer. From Google Analytics integration to social media and to whatnot. 

Quick Integration

Enjoy more than 800 integrations that Mailchimp supports. Whether you want eCommerce or website integrations, the software will help you make that possible. Recently, they have also introduced integration with Shopify. 

Should You Choose Mailchimp Newsletter Service?

Yes, if:

  • you require to integrate newsletter service with other solutions
  • An All-in-one solution is what you are looking for including a CRM
  • Wish to automate the service booking with online payment options
  • You want native commerce features in your email marketing tool

No, if:

  • You are engaged in affiliate marketing. Mailchimp restricts it.
  • You have a free version as it comes with limited features with no support option
  • You love complete email automation

The Conclusion

Users who use emails less frequently will find Mailchimp as their best resort. With basic features under a free plan, there is a lot one can accomplish. However, when it comes to high-end automation or email segmentation, the marketing software lags behind its competition. 

Hence, if you have already read this Mailchimp review, try out the free plan before deciding what it’s worth. You never know in what ways the tool can surprise you. After all, it boasts so many users around the globe. 

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