Digital Marketing Tools – Basic Apps You Need as a Marketer?

Finding the apt digital marketing tools is a daunting task for every marketer. Not every app offers the same feature and price plans. Therefore, experts often end up subscribing to unnecessary software, sometimes similar ones. This not only puts huge pressure on the limited budget of the marketers but also waste time and effort.

So, how do you pick the digital marketing app that is suitable for the work you need to accomplish? 

To make the choice simple, I suggest categorizing the different tools based on their specific job. For instance, you must have at least one application for analyzing online metrics, assessing email campaigns, designing infographics, and crafting valuable content.

Still confused? How about we discuss each of the categories one by one. I will also list some of the most popular tools from each category, free as well as paid ones. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Different Categories of Digital Marketing Tools

While there is an array of different tools, some of the options are highly crucial to use for a successful marketing plan.

If you do not want to invest right away in these digital marketing tools, choose the ones that offer free subscriptions. You might not get all the features to work with, but the free pass will allow you to assess the perks of these apps with zero investment.

Later, you can decide if you want to pay for the extra features or the free version is all that you want. 

Bring Imaginations to Life – Design with User-Friendly Tools

Digital marketing is incomplete without informational ads, pictures, and content. According to experts, people remember visual directions more than they can remember plain texts. Therefore, an effective marketing campaign is impossible without proper and creative infographics, videos, and similar content.

Doing it all by yourself wouldn’t be feasible. And paying a graphic designer for the work will cost you huge bucks. 

Thankfully, there are many design tools that enable users to create appealing infographics, social media posts, banners, and ads in no time. With a simple drag and drop feature, these applications are easy to use and very productive.

A Few Recommendations

  • Canva – The web application comes with a free membership plan for the users. However, you can find numerous templates and tools to create fascinating designs. It does have paid plans for those with extensive design needs. 
  • VECTR – This one is for those looking for vector design. From logo to favicon to icons, you can create wonderful graphics and images using this free online tool.

Get Smarter and Manage Time Efficiently – Use Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing can help you realize your marketing goals faster. The strategy is truly tested and has been helping businesses for years. 

Unsurprisingly, you will find various tools that allow marketers to schedule their posts, learn about trending topics, curate content and do more. 

In short, these applications allow users to identify opportunities and prepare content that is engaging and resonates with the readers.

A Few Recommendations

  • Buffer – Helps users to schedule posts beforehand. Plus, you get to learn about trending content suggestions. It has free as well as paid versions for its users
  • Ryzely – Another social media scheduler that is user-friendly and free to use. You would love the way it is designed, offering the flexibility to stay ahead of time. 

Assess Your Marketing Success – Work with Analytical Tools

How can we miss talking about analytical applications when discussing digital marketing tools? 

Once you have posted the content, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Will my post reach the target audiences? If yes, will they like it? If yes, would they act?

All these questions square down at one place – the analytical tool. These applications allow users to check web traffic, social engagement, conversions and more. Plus, users can make changes and optimize their marketing plans accordingly.

A Few Recommendations

  • Google Analytics – The most popular analytical tool among marketers, Google Analytics allow businesses to keep a track of their site visibility, and reach. It is free to use completely and very effective in providing the SEO score and other related data.
  • PeriScope – Available for a free trial, you can easily get to know how effective this analytical tool is, without paying upfront money. It is a rather extensive tool that offers code-first along with low code and no code tools. In short, it empowers users to make intelligent decisions based on facts and figures.

One to One Chats Never Go Old – Email Marketing Tools

Last but not the least, the oldest form of business communication – the Emails. And it is essential for every marketer to amplify their content using emails for reaching out to people on a personal level. 

However, maintaining newsletters, direct responses, and managing cold reach-outs aren’t the most sorted things out there. This is why one needs email marketing tools to ease the overall job.

A Few Recommendations

  • MailChimp – If you have worked for email campaigns, you must have heard about MailChimp. The app allows you to automate your marketing campaigns, manage responses and replies on time. 
  • Iterable – Another powerful email marketing tool that can get you results, no matter what. From MLM to personalized marketing, you can do much more with the app. 

The Takeaway

If you are trying to become popular online as a brand, you will need social media platforms to grow. While creating accounts on these websites is easy, managing content is the most difficult part. With digital marketing tools, this can change though. So, pick your tool and play smart.

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